Power Bridge Offers Wire Friendly Solution For All Your Plugins

I get really annoyed when all of the wires in my office intersect with one another, eventually creating a 5 foot knot of wiring behind my desk. For that reason I was excited to learn about the Power Bridge, a concept in better desk space wiring created by designer Hyuk Jae Chang.

While still a conceptual design the look and usefulness of the Power Bridge should help push it along to production levels. By placing cabling underneath the bridge while offering a single slot for cords, the adapter is able to better arrange up to 6 devices at one time. The diagonal design of the bridge also helps ensure that all your cables head in the same direction, keeping them in order and ready for use.

Finally the top of the adapter displays how much energy is being used by each power port, allowing environmental friendly users to realize how much of an energy footprint their electronics are really using.